Quality Assurance

Our only slogan : We take care of your product from our end till production and alos till it reaches your customer end we care it reaches safe and also carries the inner product safe.Every product we produce and each component inside our product has to be cared and safeguarded that is our only target and concentration.we care for you and your product. we are very transparent to our business partners and develop a deep understanding of their businesses so that we can provide proactive solutions that make their lives easier.

The performance of corrugated packaging depends upon factors such as paper quality, production process, box design, handling and the environment. Our design team has extensive experience in developing application specific packaging. By applying engineering principles to calculate the compression strength, puncture resistance and stacking height of our boxes we are able to accurately predict their performance under changing environmental and maintaining conditions.

Quality Assurance

Inward testing: Kraft paper is checked for GSM, Burst Factor, Moisture, COBB-60, & RCT-CD value of paper.

In-line Inspection: Board finish, caliper, flute crush, ECT, BS, Print Uniformity, & adhesive solid content.

Final Inspection: Size, moisture in box, the Bursting strength & Compression strength of box is checked & then duly bundled with proper label mark on bundles, test reports sent along with delivery vehicle.

Quality Assurance


Quality assurance we have few quality control measures at each satge of process.It begins with pre, during and post production stages . A best-equipped laboratory facility with sophisticated testing machinery as described under supports the quality standard. Our main reason for our success is best service with quality product and also in delivering only the best at the most competitive prices with perfect and desirable quality

  • Moisture Scale
  • Substance Indicator for testing the GSM of paper
  • Bursting Strength Testing Machine

All production goes through keen quality inspection before it is cleared for delivery.This laboratory is maintained under quality manager and often reinspected by the Factory head.

Quality Assurance



To follow our main principle and slogan.We promise to maintain the quality of production and customer satisfaction and standard.